Friday, August 7, 2009

Totally Yum!!: Eggs in a Frame

Hey there and Hello,

So once or twice a week from now on I will try to post a blog titled Totally Yum!! and then a totally yum dish that I like,make, I will then share with you all. I am by no means the world's best chef but I come from a family of women who are AMAZING cooks/bakers and I figure that gene has to be somewhere in I like to make food that tastes good and is memorable for the people I love. You beautiful people will read along as I attempt these dishes and maybe get a recipe or two out of it.

The dish today is Eggs in a Frame. My little brother Richie used to ask me to make this for him when we were younger all the time. I got the recipe out of this kid's cookbook my mom got my a million Christmas' ago. It is simple, quick and easy...It totally schocked me when Breonna and Jordan have never had it. So Totally Yum!!

Eggs in a Frame
(I made this to serve 3 people, so adjust the recipe to fit your needs)
What you will need:
6 eggs
6 peices of bread (I used whole wheat)
Spreadable butter
Salt and Pepper to season ( I used Nature's Seasoning cuz I LOVE it)

How you Cook it up:

First take your everyday average peice of bread, I used whole wheat but feel free to use whatever you like.

Next you want to gently fold the bread in half.

Pince the center of the bread to get your "Frame" or if you want to get all Fancy use your favorite shaped cookie cutter.

Butter both sides of your bread.

Pour one egg into the bread hole. try to be careful to keep the whole egg in the bread "Frame"

Go Crazy and SEASON!!

When one side gets a beautiful golden brown, Flip away.

Wa la !! You are totally done. Plate your Egg in a Frame and add on some fresh fruit or I gave the kiddos turkey bacon. Easy enough,huh? It is an easy dish that everyone should dig and what is can change it up however you like.

Well folks that is my very first Totally Yum!! blog and I hope you enjoy as much as we all did. Stay Rad and Rock Out with your smile out!!

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