Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Better Blogging Coming Soon...

Hello again Lovelies,
I have been trying to be a better blogger but things have been hectic and so, so busy for me lately. It is Craft Show season so I have been swamped with making bow holders, bows, hats, etc. The house looks like a glitter torando has run through it. So, today i spent cleaning up and hanging with the family.
I posted a pic of one of the bow holders called Animal Crackers..Some Lucky person won it at the Craft Show this weekend.Yay!! It was so cute because the kids were with us and they were asked to pick the tickets for the raffle. So every half hour they got up on stage and picked the winning tickets and Breonna always had a big cheesey smile on her face. It was the cutest ever. I will have to post a picture soon.
Anyhoo, this blog will be short because I am sleepy and I need to finish filling my Etsy store before I hit the sheets. I promise you (the one follower I have that I will be much better at blogging!!) K, time for bed..Untill next time "Rock out with your smile out"

X's and O's,

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