Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve and Toothaches..

Hello Lovelies,
It is 12:42 and it officially Christmas Eve!!! It is raining and no sign of white Christmas yet but I am hopeful. The kids are getting new winter wear this year so I would love to see them build snowman in the backyard like my brothers and I did as kids. Fingers Crossed!!
So, to the toothache part of the blog. Well my fellow cupcake lovers...Let me start by saying that I have periodontal disease which is a disease that attacks the gum and bone and around the teeth that is very common for diabetics. About a year ago I chipped my tooth...through out the year it kept breaking and breaking till their is a bitty piece left. Well, Saturday night it started to hurt but nothing that I wasn't used too. Sunday it started to REALLY hurt and by Sunday night I told Puffin I couldn't handle it anymore..something was wrong. After Mr. H left and his lovely Girlfriend Miss E (whom I adore more and more) left...My Puffin told me to get in the car because we were going to the hospital. The Trip to the E.R went quick and ended with the Doc telling me that I have an abscess and it is very infected. I got a script for antibiotics, pain killers and anti nausea medicine because the infection was making me sick to my stomach. Monday I woke up and my face was swollen, so I slept alot..Tuesday I woke up and the left side of my face was HUGE. My lip was 3 times the normal size and I looked simply pitiful and AWFUL. I slept a bunch more yesterday and into today. The swelling has gone down but now my muscles in my face are sore and super tight making it hard to eat, drink, talk, etc. My neck is bruised and sensitive to the touch which is a bummer because you never really now how many muscles in your body you use just to do the little things until all those muscles hurt.
I am hoping all the medications, sleep and Puffin TLC keep working and I wake up Christmas morning magically BETTER!! A girl can hope right? At least better soon so I can get the tooth pulled. I am remaining positive, a little loopy from the Christmas spirit or the pain way JOY is a natural healer. The kiddos are going to have the best Christmas EVER this year. God, has really given our family many blessings and I am so very grateful for every one of them!!
Well, my beauties.......YYyyyAAAAAaaaaWWWwwwWnnnnn....I am getting very sleepy so off to bed for this Cupcake Addict. I will write soon but before I forget I must say between drooling on myself, sleeping and more sleeping...I did see all my wonderful "Happy Birthdays" on Facebook and texts Tuesday!! Even though I couldn't smile on the outside it sure did make me smile on the inside. Thank You, Thank You!! Now, I must go to bed. Happy Holidays to YOU and ALL your Loved Ones!! Always Remember to "Rock out with Your Smile Out"

X's and O's,

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Balloons, Glitter and Glam..Oh, MY!!

Balloons, Glitter and Glam..Oh, MY!!

So here at Cupcake Headquarters I have been brainstorming different ideas for business. Well, few weeks ago I went to a jewelry party and had a really great time. Then I got to thinking...I love parties! All these other companies do it...Why can't I throw a Cupcake Est.1981 Party? So, I got busy, put things in to action and WA-LA!! All you Cupcake Lovers out there can now host a Cupcake Est.1981! YAY!! Now, my Lovelies I will tell you how....

"There ain't no party like a Cupcake Party!!"

Do you like Hosting parties?? Do you like Presents?? Well, then you have clicked on the right page!! You can now Host a Cupcake Est.1981 party and receive a FREE Gift for doing so.

Sound Yummy?! I know right! There are two different options for Hosting a Cupcake Est.1981 Party.

Option 1: Have a Home Party!!

As a Cupcake Hostess the first you will need to do is decide on a date and time. Next come come up with guest list. Invite your friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, etc. To make it easy I will send out the invites for you..Either E-vites or super cute mailed invites.

Plan on your party being about two hours. No worries, I will not talk everyone's ears off so your guests can come and go as they like. I will just be there to set up, take orders, and answer any questions.

Now for your FREE GIFT!!!

For being a Cupcake Hostess you will pick out a FREE Gift from the Sweet Treat Hostess Sheet. In Addition to that.. ( Yep, There is more!!) Choose any item at Half off. Lastly if your party has 10 orders and 2 dated bookings for Cupcake Parties you will receive another item at 40% off.

Option 2: Cupcake E-Party

Don't want to clean the house and hassle with a home party but still want your FREE Gift? Then have yourself an E-Party!!

Like a home party you will need to set a date and time. Next, invite your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc. with a invite I will make just for your party. Your guests will receive a special code to use at checkout on their invite that is FOR YOUR PARTY ONLY and will last for 10 days.

For being a Cupcake Hostess you will pick out a FREE Gift from the Sweet Treat Hostess Sheet. In Addition to that.. ( Yep, There is more!!) Choose any item at Half off. Lastly if your party has 10 orders and 2 dated bookings for Cupcake Parties you will receive another item at 40% off.

Exciting, I know!! If you are excited as I am and would like to host your own party and get your FREE sweet treats!! Contact me at for more info, setting a date or any questions you may have. YAY!! to my friend Mandi B. for booking her first Cupcake Party for Monday at 8p.m. Thank you bunches!!

Wrapping this blog up for the day because I have alot to get done or should I say I would like to get done. If you haven't already go check out my official website which is turning out SO,SO,SO stinking cute!! Everytime I type into the search bar and my little website comes up (which I do 20 times a day!!) it makes me smile. I am really proud of my business and the work I have put into it. (tearing up) Well, all you Glam girls out is time for me to say goodbye for now and get to work. Check out the new site, Host party, and check out the sale on jewelry on the website. "Rock out with your Smile out!!"

X's and O's,


Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Holiday Season is here...

Snowflakes and Dots, Oh MY!!
On Sale: $15.00

A chill is in the air...
The snowflakes fall softly on the ground...
The smell of gingerbread surrounds me...
The Holidays are here.

Happy Holiday Season Cupcake Lovers!!
The Holiday Season is here and thus begins the crazyness of the holiday shopping. Parking lots are insane, stores are jam packed with people and the waits in lines are way too long. Well, my friends for go the madness and check out my new online store.... Yes, you heard me right..MY ONLINE STORE!!! I am so excited to finally have my very own store that I probably type the link in the search bar 50 times a day.
Corny and obsessive..I know.
Anyhoo, the store is up right now and I just introduced my new line of necklaces. They are so super cute it is hard for me not to keep them all for myself. They are a perfect gift for your kid's teacher, for a best friend, daughter, mother, aunt, sister, etc, etc. My new line of necklaces are so affordable you can ask Santa for one or two for yourself!!
Well, this blog is going to be short because Nick and I are going to watch My Sister's Keeper then hit the sheets. The first snow of the season came tonight so be sure that as I drift of to sleep wrapped up in his arms...I will be watching the snow fall silently out my window. Goodnight all. Sweet dreams,

X's and O's,

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Better Blogging Coming Soon...

Hello again Lovelies,
I have been trying to be a better blogger but things have been hectic and so, so busy for me lately. It is Craft Show season so I have been swamped with making bow holders, bows, hats, etc. The house looks like a glitter torando has run through it. So, today i spent cleaning up and hanging with the family.
I posted a pic of one of the bow holders called Animal Crackers..Some Lucky person won it at the Craft Show this weekend.Yay!! It was so cute because the kids were with us and they were asked to pick the tickets for the raffle. So every half hour they got up on stage and picked the winning tickets and Breonna always had a big cheesey smile on her face. It was the cutest ever. I will have to post a picture soon.
Anyhoo, this blog will be short because I am sleepy and I need to finish filling my Etsy store before I hit the sheets. I promise you (the one follower I have that I will be much better at blogging!!) K, time for bed..Untill next time "Rock out with your smile out"

X's and O's,

Friday, August 7, 2009

Totally Yum!!: Eggs in a Frame

Hey there and Hello,

So once or twice a week from now on I will try to post a blog titled Totally Yum!! and then a totally yum dish that I like,make, I will then share with you all. I am by no means the world's best chef but I come from a family of women who are AMAZING cooks/bakers and I figure that gene has to be somewhere in I like to make food that tastes good and is memorable for the people I love. You beautiful people will read along as I attempt these dishes and maybe get a recipe or two out of it.

The dish today is Eggs in a Frame. My little brother Richie used to ask me to make this for him when we were younger all the time. I got the recipe out of this kid's cookbook my mom got my a million Christmas' ago. It is simple, quick and easy...It totally schocked me when Breonna and Jordan have never had it. So Totally Yum!!

Eggs in a Frame
(I made this to serve 3 people, so adjust the recipe to fit your needs)
What you will need:
6 eggs
6 peices of bread (I used whole wheat)
Spreadable butter
Salt and Pepper to season ( I used Nature's Seasoning cuz I LOVE it)

How you Cook it up:

First take your everyday average peice of bread, I used whole wheat but feel free to use whatever you like.

Next you want to gently fold the bread in half.

Pince the center of the bread to get your "Frame" or if you want to get all Fancy use your favorite shaped cookie cutter.

Butter both sides of your bread.

Pour one egg into the bread hole. try to be careful to keep the whole egg in the bread "Frame"

Go Crazy and SEASON!!

When one side gets a beautiful golden brown, Flip away.

Wa la !! You are totally done. Plate your Egg in a Frame and add on some fresh fruit or I gave the kiddos turkey bacon. Easy enough,huh? It is an easy dish that everyone should dig and what is can change it up however you like.

Well folks that is my very first Totally Yum!! blog and I hope you enjoy as much as we all did. Stay Rad and Rock Out with your smile out!!

Monday, August 3, 2009


I have always wanted to have a book, something that people would want to read, something that one day might inspire someone. Someone once told me, "Trish, start small..move that pebble before you move that mountain." Starting small has always been a problem of mine. I am the type of person that wants to move the mountain quickly and build a village on it in an hour. When that doesn't happen..I get so frustrated with myself and feel like I failed. Who moves a mountain in an hour and builds a whole village? No one. It doesn't happen. A girl can try though right?

So, I am starting smaller. This blog is mainly just an outlet for my business, my family, my friends and my life. Before you read any further I should let you know that the grammar will almost always be poor , so will the punctuation and if it was for spell would my spelling. (If Sara reads this, she will shake her head and say,"Again with the dot, dot, dot") I will try to blog as often as I can but if you knew me, you know that is quite the task because I will probably write this 10 times and then delete it again and again. lol.

Anyway, on to business things...I way needed some new pictures of my Merchandise for my business because my other ones were taking in 10 minutes in poor lighting. I needed a model and who better than my beautiful and camera loving future step daughter ..Breonna.(She is such a big personality in such a tiny little body.) I didn't think there could be a child as girly as me, but there is...and her name is Breonna Alexis. My favorite part of the day is when she hears me get up,she hears that restroom door shut, I hear that little knock at the door and her say,"Tricia? Can I wear some of your PA-FOOM?" I will let her in and she carefully looks at each bottle with big eyes, touches each one so softly, with the most serious face a 5 year old can have and makes her selection. She holds out her little wrists and lets me spray them, rubs them together and the finds her daddy so he knows how pretty she smells. It is overwhelming sometimes to have this amazing, beautiful, funny, tiny drama queen adore me and aspire to be like me in so many ways. I am grateful for her and the way she tells me she loves me more than all the pink M&M's in the world.

Back to the pictures(I tend to get off track,lol) I did her hair, dressed her up and started snapping away. She loved every moment of it, she smiled, posed and giggled when she'd see herself in the shots. The best part for me is when we where nearing the end of the "Merch Shoot" and she was posing herself, looked at me and said very plainly,"Tricia, this is my more pretty side." I couldn't help but laugh and she see gave me her face she does when she thinks I am being a weirdo and giggled. Sometimes that little girl drives me crazy but most certainly I love her more than ALL the pink M&M's in the whole world.

Well, it is getting late and I can feel the sleep in my eyes..So until next time I will leave you with a few pictures of the shoot. I don't know if anyone will read my blogs but I hope those that do enjoy them and keep coming back. Remember to Rock out with your smile out!