Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Holiday Season is here...

Snowflakes and Dots, Oh MY!!
On Sale: $15.00

A chill is in the air...
The snowflakes fall softly on the ground...
The smell of gingerbread surrounds me...
The Holidays are here.

Happy Holiday Season Cupcake Lovers!!
The Holiday Season is here and thus begins the crazyness of the holiday shopping. Parking lots are insane, stores are jam packed with people and the waits in lines are way too long. Well, my friends for go the madness and check out my new online store.... Yes, you heard me right..MY ONLINE STORE!!! I am so excited to finally have my very own store that I probably type the link in the search bar 50 times a day.
Corny and obsessive..I know.
Anyhoo, the store is up right now and I just introduced my new line of necklaces. They are so super cute it is hard for me not to keep them all for myself. They are a perfect gift for your kid's teacher, for a best friend, daughter, mother, aunt, sister, etc, etc. My new line of necklaces are so affordable you can ask Santa for one or two for yourself!!
Well, this blog is going to be short because Nick and I are going to watch My Sister's Keeper then hit the sheets. The first snow of the season came tonight so be sure that as I drift of to sleep wrapped up in his arms...I will be watching the snow fall silently out my window. Goodnight all. Sweet dreams,

X's and O's,

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