Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve and Toothaches..

Hello Lovelies,
It is 12:42 and it officially Christmas Eve!!! It is raining and no sign of white Christmas yet but I am hopeful. The kids are getting new winter wear this year so I would love to see them build snowman in the backyard like my brothers and I did as kids. Fingers Crossed!!
So, to the toothache part of the blog. Well my fellow cupcake lovers...Let me start by saying that I have periodontal disease which is a disease that attacks the gum and bone and around the teeth that is very common for diabetics. About a year ago I chipped my tooth...through out the year it kept breaking and breaking till their is a bitty piece left. Well, Saturday night it started to hurt but nothing that I wasn't used too. Sunday it started to REALLY hurt and by Sunday night I told Puffin I couldn't handle it anymore..something was wrong. After Mr. H left and his lovely Girlfriend Miss E (whom I adore more and more) left...My Puffin told me to get in the car because we were going to the hospital. The Trip to the E.R went quick and ended with the Doc telling me that I have an abscess and it is very infected. I got a script for antibiotics, pain killers and anti nausea medicine because the infection was making me sick to my stomach. Monday I woke up and my face was swollen, so I slept alot..Tuesday I woke up and the left side of my face was HUGE. My lip was 3 times the normal size and I looked simply pitiful and AWFUL. I slept a bunch more yesterday and into today. The swelling has gone down but now my muscles in my face are sore and super tight making it hard to eat, drink, talk, etc. My neck is bruised and sensitive to the touch which is a bummer because you never really now how many muscles in your body you use just to do the little things until all those muscles hurt.
I am hoping all the medications, sleep and Puffin TLC keep working and I wake up Christmas morning magically BETTER!! A girl can hope right? At least better soon so I can get the tooth pulled. I am remaining positive, a little loopy from the Christmas spirit or the pain way JOY is a natural healer. The kiddos are going to have the best Christmas EVER this year. God, has really given our family many blessings and I am so very grateful for every one of them!!
Well, my beauties.......YYyyyAAAAAaaaaWWWwwwWnnnnn....I am getting very sleepy so off to bed for this Cupcake Addict. I will write soon but before I forget I must say between drooling on myself, sleeping and more sleeping...I did see all my wonderful "Happy Birthdays" on Facebook and texts Tuesday!! Even though I couldn't smile on the outside it sure did make me smile on the inside. Thank You, Thank You!! Now, I must go to bed. Happy Holidays to YOU and ALL your Loved Ones!! Always Remember to "Rock out with Your Smile Out"

X's and O's,

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