Sunday, June 20, 2010

My business

So, yesterday was my big show I was super excited about, had worked so hard and really, really wanted to be a good show again....Well, after two long hours in the blazing heat it got rained out!!! And by rained out I don't mean it was one of those nice summer rains where everyone giggled and said' "Oh,shucks it is raining".The sky blackened and tents started flying into other tents..people's merchandise flying across the street...stuff getting was an effin nightmare. Luckily Nick was there (and I really mean Thank God because I would have been screwed if it wasn't there) we got everything packed and in the car before the rain came pouring down. My second show that got rained out!!
Believe it or not I walked away with no damage and only my ego a bit bruised. What bothered me the most was not losing the cost of the show but how many other booths there was with basically the same stuff as me. It sucked. It is reality. There is always going to be someone else with the same product,the same idea, whatever..Ten other booths though?! I love what i do and the things that i make but like every designer there is a time when you need to move on and do something new and fresh. This is my time. I am in a different place in my life than when Cupcake Est.1981 started over a year ago. Emotionally, Mentally, etc. I started out this business because I liked all the bows, the glitter and the glam and couldn't afford it...but I could for sure make it. So I started making Me & breonna cute bows out of a shoe box. We always joke this all started out with a shoe box and six bows.
I am renewing a lot of things in my life right now and with my business. So things are a changing people. I am building a strong brand and amazing new line of stuff.It will still be for all ages but will be more my style and what I am into right now. I will be closing my business for the next month to be working on Everything. So get ready people because when I am done I think you will all be in love. At least I hope so. Thanks to all my Cupcake Fans, my family and friends for your love and support. Thank you to Breonna for being the best little model and inspiration. Thank Jordan for keeping me entertained with your many storied while I work and to Puffin for all your help. I heart you all.

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