Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Big News!!

Are you so excited to know what my Big news is?

Can you hardly contain yourself?

Are you on the edge of your seat????

And my News is......

When I first started my business I was Cupcake Est.1981 and I made cute, girly, glam things...that EVERYONE else made too. It was super cute stuff but wasn't really me and I wasn't profit from it. I was so depressed by the lack of sales, bad shows, and was about to hang up my crafting hat for good.

Well, one day I started just crafting for me...for fun again and a light just clicked in my head.

"Why aren't you making the things that make you smile and that you really like?!"

So, After ready SO many marketing and Etsy blogs I decided to give it one more go. The first thing I decided to do was "Build a Brand"..things that spoke my direction. I wanted my things to say Pretty, Sweet, Vintage, colorful,retro, sassy with a sprinkle of glamour. All the things that I consider to be me and my style. My inspiration was a picture of my amazingly beautiful mother. When I was a kid we lived in a really small town in Ohio and my Mom was unlike any other Mom. She ALWAYS and I mean always made sure to walk out the door with her big curled hair, her big colorful earrings, a over sized blouse with a pair of skintight leggings.

I thought she was the coolest ever.

I look at this picture every day when I work and create. It makes me smile and reminds me to be me and just create.

Long story made short. I became Kinley Lane Designs. A boutique for girls of all ages that like a little something different at an affordable price. It will be all things fashion, accessories, art and more. With a sweet, pretty, colorful, vintage and a little sassy feel.

Whats happening is that I have been slowly showing you my things and on Monday October 4Th I will be have a Grand Opening of my NEW WEBSITE. I have been working so hard on my new product line and am so ready to show you all!! I am getting a little teary eyed typing this now because I have put my all onto this. My everything. It is so very important that you all like what you see. My business means the world to me :)

Even more Exciting is that starting on the 24Th will be my "7 days of Giveaways" leading up to the Grand Opening of my website. ARE YOU SO EXCITED YET???

That's right "7 Days of Giveaways" !!!

Some very sweet, awesome and amazing businesses have donated prizes for each day of the Giveaway. Thank you so much again ladies!! I feel so blessed.

Each day of the Giveaway I will spotlight the giver of the prize. I want you to get to know the business that is being so gracious and see all their other lovely things.

I hope you all are ready to win some goodies and will be ready with your mouse to check out my new website!!

Oh, man I am getting all misty again. I am such a nerd.


  1. Love your products!!!! Super cute!

  2. Thank you lady!! Make sure to tell your friends and family about us!!