Sunday, August 8, 2010

Whats on the Menu??

Whats on this weeks menu???

The Mr. and I are super frugal about buying food for the house and keeping to a budget. So I thought I would share our weekly menu and maybe you could share yours with me. I love to recipe swap and get ideas for good, affordable meals.

Our menu is planned for two adults and two kiddos.

Week: 8-9-10 to 8-14-10


Monday: Cheese Ravioli with White Sauce and Rolls

Tuesday: Hot Dogs, Mac and Cheese and Green Beans

Wednesday: Mexican Chicken Soup

Thursday:Grilled Cheese, Tater Tots and Green Beans

Friday: Family Dinner Out

Saturday and Sunday I am going out of town, MeMe has the kids...So the Mr. is on his own.

Total for Week: 32.50
(Not Including Tax)

Sorry, I am late with this weeks Menu..It has been one of those weeks ALREADY. :-( But, things are looking up!!(Knock on Wood)

Well, my dears I am exhausted so I will catch up on blogs tomorrow night.

Everyone have the sweetest dreams.

Nighty Nite.

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